Best Gifts for Remote Workers [2020 Update]

Best Gifts for Remote Workers [2020 Update]

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UPDATED 12/10/2020 by Holly Boisvert

It's been a very different kind of year.

More people are working from home this year than ever before. It’s been a big shift, and some workplace experts are predicting that trend will continue even beyond the pandemic. We get why – it certainly is hard not to enjoy the perks of skipping out on a commute!

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect self-gift to brighten up your home office (you deserve it!) or a thoughtful present for a remote-working friend or family member, you've come to the right place! Keep reading for our roundup of the best gifts for remote workers in 2020.

Gifts to Help Them Focus

Working out of your home can be chaotic, especially if you share space with family or roommates. For remote employees trying to stay productive from busy homes, products that can help with focus are key. Here are our top picks for gifts to help them block out distractions during a hectic workday:

  • Motil – Temporary Privacy System and Video Chat Backdrop

Motil is a modular space divider that creates temporary privacy for those who don't have a private home office. It's made of sound dampening, recycled fabric, and is easy for one person to set up in just minutes. Motil is also perfect for use as a Zoom backdrop (for those times when you’re worried your boss might see the pile of dirty laundry behind you). Learn more about Motil here.

  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If the remote worker in your life gets in the zone by listening to music or podcasts, noise-cancelling headphones are a great gift idea. There are many different brands to choose from, and all that tech jargon can be confusing if you’re new to it. For an article containing helpful information on how to pick the right pair, click here.

Gifts to Keep Them Comfy

One of the best parts of working remotely is being able to embrace a casual work wardrobe. No more stiff suits or uncomfortable shoes! Here are a few of our recommended gifts for keeping your favorite remote worker feeling cozy this holiday season:

  • Remote Nation Apparel

A collection of unique in-house designs printed on soft, eco-friendly fabrics in inclusive sizes. Our favorite is the Compass Rose Tee made of 100% recycled materials.

  • A Desk Blanket

If you or your favorite remote worker crave warmth, a blanket or a cozy shawl for the workspace can help ward off the winter chill. Here’s a tip from a chronically cold team member: go for a smaller size without any fringe on the edges to avoid the blanket getting caught in your desk chair’s wheels.

  • House Slippers

Slippers are easily one of the most underrated types of footwear. Remote jobs allow the ability to swap out stiff dress shoes for much fuzzier options, a gift sure to be appreciated by anyone spending their day at their desk.

Gifts for Home Office

  • Workday Candles

Scent is a powerful trigger, and if the line between work life and home life has gotten a bit blurry, these custom-formulated candles can help to keep it in focus. They’re the perfect pair for those needing a bit more balance. Light energizing "Log In" in the morning to mark the start of your workday and calming "Unplug" at the end of the day to signal the transition back into home life. Find Workday Candles here.

  • A Smart Water Bottle

Without coworkers to visit or physical meetings to attend, it’s been difficult to remember to leave my desk at allduring the day. This can be a definite issue when trying to keep healthy habits. If you know someone who can relate, a smart water bottle can help remind them to stay hydrated and remember to stretch their legs once in a while – even if it’s just to get a refill. Here’s a link to our favorite.

  • Think Board Peel & Stick Whiteboards

For the remote worker who likes to think on paper, Think Board is a great gift option. These peel & stick dry erase boards are movable, long-lasting, and perfectly sized for home office use. They even come in a clear option if you want a little more subtlety.

Gifted Subscription Boxes – For Those Craving Adventure

For those who got into the remote work game for flexible hours and the freedom to work from anywhere, having to stay at home can cause serious cabin fever. If you know someone missing the open road and who needs something to look forward to, try a new subscription box! Many subscription brands have gift options, which allow you to purchase a single curated box that can be sent directly to the recipient. No need to go to the post office yourself! The recipient can then choose whether or not to continue the subscription, so there’s no commitment with the gifted box.

No matter their interests, chances are there’s a subscription box that’s perfect for them. Here are a few that we would love to see in our mailbox:

  • Try the World Box

For adventurous snackers and foodies. Choose from 2 box options when gifting. The “Countries” box includes a selection of gourmet food and beverages from around the world. Or for the desk snackers of the world, try the “Snacks” box! Learn more about Try the World's gift options here.

  • Driftaway Coffee

For coffee lovers looking to explore new flavors. Driftaway offers a variety of gifting options, including the gift of a virtual coffee tasting for you and a friend – perfect to share with the co-worker you used to do your afternoon coffee runs with.

  • Remote Nation Club Kit

Although not a subscription box, the Club Kit is a great gift for remote workers. It includes a notebook printed on eco-friendly stone paper, a chalkboard mug for morning coffee or tea, the Remote Nation book 30 Hacks for Productive Remote Workers, and other goodies.

Got other ideas?

If you've got a great new virtual holiday tradition or other ideas for gifts that support remote work, leave a comment and let us know! We love hearing from you.

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