Remote Worker Resolutions

Remote Worker Resolutions

The fresh start of a new year is filled with opportunities. Think of it as new slate, a chance to be better, be different, or to simply just be yourself. As everyone is beginning to envision what they’d like the year ahead to look (and feel) like, we took the opportunity to touch base with remote workers from all backgrounds to share their remote work resolutions, as well as a few other ideas to make you feel happier, healthier, and more efficient.

1. Build Stronger Relationships

As a remote worker, you may feel like an island, though that doesn’t have to be the case. (Wait — wouldn’t it be incredible to workfrom an island?) If you are an entrepreneur, find colleagues in complementary fields and meet monthly to brainstorm and connect. Working on a team? Get to know the people you work with on a deeper level.

“My 2020 resolution is to really dive in and develop a strong relationship with my teammates,” says NJ Rongner from the Clickfunnels coaching team. She explains, “We are all over the country, and I know how amazing they are in the context of work, but I really want to get to know them as humans...My plan is to reach out and ask them if we can set up video chats that recur on our calendars so this doesn't get lost in the shuffle.”

2. Grow Your Network

In addition to nurturing the work relationships already in your life, another potential remote worker resolution we suggest is growing your network. Put fear aside and attend local networking groups. Join a coworking space. Participate in Facebook groups or join new ones. Comment on some of those Instagram accounts you follow and admire. 

You don’t need to become best friends with everyone who might come in your path, but you’ll never know how someone new may change your career trajectory.

3. Work When You’re Most Efficient

What time of the day do you feel a surge of energy? Take stock of your most efficient hours and use that time to be as hard-working as possible.

Michael Moreno, founder of Much More Media, says, "My goal is to maximize my productivity at the beginning of the day. I find more people respond. I get more done, and I have far more energy at the beginning of the day, so I want to get more out of it." 

Now, not all remote workers are going to be able to work during a time of their choosing. If you’re traditionally employed, your hours may be dictated by your boss. Working within that time frame, consider when you are most effective, and use those hours for the most difficult tasks on your to do list.

4. Create an “Office” Environment

Working at home — or on the road — is a wonderful experience, except for the times when sand jams up your laptop keys, you spill coffee on your tablet, or you have to fold laundry just to make room to sit down for the day.

If you have a remote office in your home, consider whether it meets your needs. Does anything need replacing? Could your room use a burst of creativity or more organizational options? Small upgrades can go a long way.

While you don’t need to redecorate in order to bring an office into your home, consider creating a work zone so you’re always on top of what needs to happen and you have all the tools you need to get your work done. This can consist of a simple white board and a filing cabinet or make it mobile and ensure your backpack is always stocked with a planner, pens, and extra tech gear.

5. Be More Organized

Everyone could benefit from a little extra organization, and this is especially important for remote workers who travel or work in between different sites. 

Sherri Kirk, a senior application specialist, who splits her work week between an office environment and her home, says, “This year I will continue to prioritize my in-office time so I can be as organized and efficient as possible at home.” For her, this might mean being strategic on how files are digitally stored, let’s say, but for you, it might mean printing out paperwork ahead of time or creating a task list at the start of every week.

6. Be Physically and Mentally Healthier

It’s time we start prioritizing our health. The most “fit” remote workers feel physically and mentally confident. One of the easiest ways to work on both is to schedule breaks throughout the day for stretching, moving, and breathing. 

Kate Huot Bruzzi,Systems Manager at Mequoda Systems, agrees and says,“My 2020 work resolution is to try an establish a healthier routine, with regular exercise and meals, and try to schedule more lunches or walk dates with friends.”

7. Get Out Of Your Pajamas

It’s no secret that one of the biggest perks of remote work is that (many) workers don’t have to wear a uniform or dress up in professional clothing every day. Think about how many times you might have worn a dress shirt and pajama bottoms on video conference calls – it's nice to be relaxed, amiright?

Carrie Sharpe, communications consultant and speaker, is focusing on something that many remote workers will inherently understand: “My resolution? To put on actual pants more often!”

We hope our list inspires some remote work resolutions that you’d like to focus on in the year ahead, and we wish you a year full of happiness, healthiness, and pure joy!


Featured image by Isaac Smith

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