The 10 Best Gifts for Remote Workers

The 10 Best Gifts for Remote Workers

You care deeply for your loved ones, and because of that, you try to put in as much effort as possible into choosing the perfect gifts for them — regardless of whether it's for their birthday or the holidays. Not sure what to buy the remote worker in your life? Here are ten of our top picks for remote worker gifts. 

1. The Motil 

Working out of your home can be chaotic--especially if you share your home with family roommates. This year, why not treat the remote worker in your life to a gift that adds both privacy and professionalism to any living environment? Withthe Motil, you can do all that and more.

Motil is “an elegant, easy-to-assemble modular privacy screen that provides temporary workplace privacy and a professional backdrop for professionals working at home, co-work spaces or open office areas.” It’s a compact, portable no-brainer that’s guaranteed to change the remote work game for the better.

2. Membership to a Local Co-working Space

Home offices can get lonely--but it’s not always the right time to invest in a co-working space. This year, you could give the gift of company by purchasing your remote worker friend or employee a year’s membership to a local co-working space. 

3. Remote Nation Apparel

Whether you’re buying for yourself, your employee, or your beloved remote worker bestie, you can’t go wrong with apparel that proudly reps the remote way or life. The Digital Nomad tee is our favorite, but there's lots of apparel and accessories designed with non-traditional employees in mind. 

4. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Going to a cafe to work can sound idyllic. But ask any remote worker you know, and they’ll share horror stories of way-too-much-information conversations they’ve overheard, loud arguments, crying children...the list, no doubt, goes on. That’s why one of our top pics for gifts for remote workers is a great pair ofnoise-cancelling bluetooth headphones

5. Digital Education Opportunities

Educational opportunities are the gift that keeps on giving.LinkedIn Learning (formerly,Udemy, andCoursera are just a few of many reputable online learning repositories that offer a wealth of knowledge on almost any topic you can imagine. Consider purchasing a membership or course, depending on what you think would best help further your remote worker’s career.

6. Blue Light Glasses

Remote work often means long hours spent staring at computer screens, which can wreak havoc on your eyes. This holiday season, consider gifting (for yourself or for someone else) a stylish pair of blue light glasses, likethese from Felix Gray

7. Work Anywhere Workbook: 30 Hacks for Remote Workers

One of the best gifts for remote workers is tried-and-true career advice from experts who have walked in their shoes. That’s whythis book, written by remote workers for remote workers, is a must-have resource forevery remote worker--whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to revitalize your career. 

8. Activity Trackers

Believe it or not, activity trackers make great gifts for remote workers. Why? It’s easy to lose track of time and spend all day hard at work in your seat, particularly when you don’t have coworkers inviting you to grab lunch or take a quick walk for some coffee. Fitness watches can be programmed to work like virtual coworkers or assistants, reminding you to stand up, walk a few steps, drink some water, and more.Garmin,Fitbit,Misfit, and many other manufacturers offer lots of options with a variety of features, styles, and prices to help you find the best fit. 

9. A Tumbler

Whether you’re buying for a coffee drinker, a tea fanatic, or just a beloved remote working companion who needs a stylish, convenient way to increase their water intake, a new tumbler is the perfect way to go. We love theYeti Rambler: It comes in lots of sizes, lots of great colors, and can even be customized. Pair with a favorite beverage or a gift card to a local coffee shop for an added bonus. 

10. An Idea Journal 

There’s nothing like a fresh set of blank pages to start the new year. Especially when you’re a remote worker with a busy mind and a lot on their plate. Consider purchasing the remote worker in your life a journal in their favorite colors and a great pen to doodle, draft, and dream their next big ideas for their career or position. 

This year, show the remote workers in your life how important they are to you with gifts like these. The results will speak for themselves.

Featured image by Kari Shea

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