Motil: Temporary Privacy System


  • Multi-Function – Use as a privacy screen or media backdrop, or separate the individual tiles to create divided spaces on shared tables, etc.
  • Easy to Use – One person can set up and take down Motil in just minutes.
  • Portable – Lightweight, modular, and packs down into a durable waxed canvas bag for easy storage or transport.
  • Sustainable – Motil is crafted of recycled fabric and birch plywood and has a water-repellant waxed canvas carrying case.

  • As sustainable as it is functional, Motil is a beautifully designed modular space divider crafted of high-end recycled materials. Simple and lightweight enough for one person to set up and take down in just minutes, it’s the perfect solution to enhance productivity and promote social distancing in transitional or shared spaces. Use Motil as a temporary privacy screen, a room divider, or a professional video conference background. Our customers have even used the individual tiles placed on a shared table to create separate spaces for their children to do their e-learning!

    When it’s time to put it away, Motil packs down into a system of waxed canvas bags for easy storage or transport.* Waxed canvas is an eco-friendly fabric choice that is water-repellant and durable, and will protect your Motil for years to come.

    Bags are optional and sold separately. Purchase includes 2 total bags - (1) small bag to hold wood connectors and legs, (1) large outer bag.