30 Hacks for Productive Remote Workers


30 Hacks for Productive Remote Workers: A Handy Resource Workbook and Daily Planner for Remote Workers.

Written by Remote Nation's CEO and Founder Mari Anne Snow, the 30 Hacks resource workbook is based on tested advice from trusted friends and colleagues in the remote workforce. Think of it as a guide to help you make the most of remote work, with easy-to-understand tips from categories that include remote foundational skills, work habits, mental and physical health, and social connection. Intended to be helpful and actionable, not overwhelming, this book is designed to cover a single topic each day for 30 days, with a workbook page relating to each topic that includes simple prompts to get you thinking about how to apply what you've learned to your own workday. 

See a sample of the book contents here.

30 Hacks is also a daily planner! Each morning when you flip to the topic of the day, you'll also have space to list out any meetings or calls you need to prepare for and the top priorities on your to-do list. At the end of each workday, jot down your "win for the day" to end on a high note and remember to celebrate the little successes! 

Whether you are just getting started working from home and are struggling to keep yourself in the zone, or are already an experienced remote worker who needs a bit of a refresher, this workbook is for you!

Intro Sample from Work Anywhere

"Remote Work is like any work. You have goals, projects, assignments and job responsibilities that others depend upon you to complete on time and on budget. But remote work has unique, distinct differences that set it apart from a typical office job. As remote professionals, we aren't physically present nor are we in our boss' direct line of sight. Remote workers must develop the self-discipline to control our own schedules, motivate ourselves to stay on top of things and proactively communicate to our networks so everyone remembers we exist. There is no dropping by someone's office or cubicle for an informal chat. The boss and your co-workers are elsewhere; a call, text, email or video chat away.

This autonomy offers us the freedom and flexibility to give up an exhausting commute and craft a fulfilling lifestyle that allows for creativity and time to cuddle your pets or your kids. But you must manage your daily details with more proactive consideration and learn how to stay visible, relevant and valued at work. There is a myth that remote work means lots of time to goof off. What we know from experience is remote professionals actually tend to work too much. Learning to take good care of ourselves and adjusting to the new skill requirements are a big part of the remote lifestyle adjustment."

Product Details

Written by Mari Anne Snow

Designed by Josh Hernandez

129 Pages Total

Available in physical paperback or digital e-book format

Paperback Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.75" including binding