About Us

My name is Mari Anne Snow, my team and I work remotely, and we love it. We’re passionate about the benefits of the remote work lifestyle. We work hard to promote remote work in all its forms as the perfect opportunity to integrate work and life, so you can live fully AND achieve your professional goals. 

Remote work has a ton of benefits, it can also pose unique challenges. Not only does it take new work skills to stay visible and in touch; remote work also demands new tools that are flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use wherever you are. 

At Remote Nation we believe in practical creature comforts that address your unique needs and reduce stress while helping you focus. Whether its comfy clothes that help you settle in, furniture that provides flexible professional privacy or unique office decor that helps make your work space special, my team and I work hard to bring you the best products possible to make your work day fun and comfortable. 

Work doesn’t have to be tethered today. Neither do we. At Remote Nation, we aim to provide you with everything you need for your success regardless of where you want to do your best work.

The Remote Nation. Works. Anywhere. 

Remote Nation