FAQs for Remote Nation® Ecommerce Site:

We’re passionate about the remote work lifestyle – #remotelife.

For us, a #remotelife offers a flexible alternative to the limits of a traditional in-person office. Not only does remote work allow you to live wherever you choose; it eliminates the stress of a daily commute and helps you focus on getting work done without the distraction of office chitchat. Remote work reduces your global carbon footprint, helps reduce your company’s expenses, increases team productivity and enables companies to seek cost-effective, specialized talent anywhere in the world.

We are the consumer product division of Sophaya (www.sophaya.com). At Remote Nation®, we offer specialized office products and home office accessories designed specifically for home office workers, companies with remote teams and co-work companies that provide temporary offices to remote professionals.

Sophaya is our parent company (www.sophaya.com) that specializes in custom soft skills training, teambuilding and executive coaching for remote teams and remote team leaders. Sophaya is a virtual company and our team members are remote work experts. We help our clients learn the special people skills they need to communicate, collaborate, negotiate and navigate conflict over distance.  

We launched the Remote Nation® line in 2018 because as remote professionals, we felt the need for specialized products to help make remote work easier. Since we couldn’t find what we needed on the market, we decided to design stuff ourselves. These days more and more people like you are working remotely so we’re sharing our favorite stuff with you so your life gets easier, too. 

Motil® is Remote Nation’s innovative modular office system that allows you to configure your own temporary private work space at home, in co-work spaces or within open office settings. Light, flexible and elegant, Motil® allows remote professionals quiet professional privacy for conference calls, video chats or work that requires quiet concentration. Motil® is easy to transport, assemble and store when not in use.

Any work activity that relies on technology rather than in-person interactions to get things done. If you have ever used audio conference calls, video chats, email, IM or texting to connect with your colleagues or your customers, you have engaged in remote work. #Remotelife professionals take things one step further…they often work while traveling, from a home office or a co-work space rather than a traditional office setting. Remote work professionals have the flexibility to work anywhere. Companies that hire remote professionals have the freedom to choose the best talent over location and save money doing it. 

Remote work takes a lot of different forms today. Successful remote professionals know they have to constantly upgrade their people skills and equip themselves with the specialized tools they need to meet their work obligations regardless of where they sit. 

We’re a successful virtual company with a team that has 30+ years’ experience leading remote teams and working effectively outside a traditional office. We know the skills it takes and the tools that make remote work easier. We’re passionate advocates of remote work and we’ve spoken with hundreds of remote professionals from all over the world to learn their remote work secrets so we can share them with you.